We are headquartered in Atlanta with branches in Alabama, Florida, Texas, Utah, Tennessee and Oklahoma. Cornerstone currently operates in over 60 individual hotels and facilities across the US with over 700 full time hospitality employees and provide over 24,000 labor hours per week within the light industrial and hotel ecosystem. Our broad footprint allows us to offer volume-based cost savings to national multi-unit hotel owners, third party logistics companies, management companies and corporate brands. We staff per hour but are also specialize in  per room / per unit staffing models. We are subject matter experts in labor productivity and apply six sigma processes to each proposal. Cornerstone Solutions is a preferred labor supplier with corporate brands as well as several national management companies.   

Cornerstone’s mission statement is to disrupt the old way light industrial and hospitality staffing was done, the adage “throw it at the wall and see if it sticks” methodology is no longer productive to the client or staffer in today’s customer centric industry. By providing a new methodology for filling labor orders that focuses on a professional partnership experience between the labor supplier and the you the client we are able  to over higher than industry average staff  retention and higher productivity  per labor hour thereby saving you time and money. Our team aligns our focus with yours we are subject experts on warehouse and hotel labor productivity, labor spend per unit and customer and brand surveys/Q&A’s.  Let our industry knowledge, dedication and drive to the best serve you.

Call us for references and or a free staffing proposal with our white paper on cost savings, score improvement and staff retention using a per unit pricing model vs a per hour model.