From our Board of Directors, executive leadership and senior management to our valuable employees, we all share a role and responsibility in instilling a culture of safety and promoting a safe work environment. Providing a safe work environment for our employees and customers is a commitment shared by all of our employees. We view it as both an individual and collective responsibility.

We believe there is a direct correlation between the success of our clients and safety.

Our commitment to achieving this goal is accomplished through two core principles:
Have the Proper Safety Training in Place

Being educated on the proper safety practices starts with knowledge. New workers need to be familiarized with the safety practices employed by their warehouse, and veteran workers need to refresh their knowledge on an annual basis. A safety committee should be installed to ensure that educational efforts are not cast aside as an administrative necessity.

Safety organizations like OSHA take safety education very seriously and can place hefty fines on companies that cannot demonstrate that the proper safety training is being provided to all workers. How we do it:

-Implement a culture of safety excellence
-Provide training and the necessary resources
-Monitor adherence to safety policies and procedures
Create a Culture of Safety

Employee involvement is key to our safety program. Employees are encouraged to participate through near miss reporting, safety minute talks, employee safety suggestions and concerns, safety committee involvement, and safety statistic reports.

In a positive safety culture, nothing takes precedent over safe work under any circumstances. The workforce never feels as if safe work procedures are an obstacle or hindrance to doing their job correctly, on-time and without reprimand.

To combat this, safety training and reinforcement need to include the proper methods for lifting and transferring heavy equipment from one place to another. Workers should note what their co-workers are doing and help anyone who might be putting themselves in harm’s way.